Clean Trip is the Psychedelic Trance project of Juan Manuel Serna, music producer and sound engineer from Barcelona. The project starts by the beginning of 2008 in Byron Bay, initially inspired by psychedelic parties in the subtropical rainforests of the Northern New South Wales of Australia.

Clean Trip has played his musical productions in parties and festivals around Spain, Italy, Germany, Edinburg, Switzerland and Australia, sharing stage with trance leading acts, while releasing music with different labels.

Always keeping up his musical work, his style is a balance between light and darkness, classic and vanguard at the same time, maintaining the progressiveness with a spice of funk; serious and interesting psychedelia for the mind expansion.


  • Twisted Piano E.P.
  • Lost Substance E.P.
  • Extradimensional Nature E.P.
  • The King Of Nothing V.A.
  • Galactic Suite CD V.A.
  • Natural Intelligence V.A. (Future Talk project)
  • Inside V.A
  • Highway To Eternity V.A.

    Clean Trip